Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Yankees Offense And Bullpen Falter In 5-4 Loss To The Lowly Orioles

Good news! I was able to watch the game online tonight. My9 ain't gonna break my stride. My9 ain't gonna hold me down. Oh no. I got to watch the gay-ame. That was lay-ame. Bad news. I was doing work stuff so I didn't physically watch most of it. Was kind of like listening to it on the radio. While I'm grumbling about work, my boss just sent an e-mail. He wants us to work from 6am-7pm next week. My commute is 1/2 hour plus each way. Awesome. Just awesome. Enough about that.

I personally would like to punch Boone Logan and David Robertson square in the nose for blowing Phil Hughes' win. It wasn't Phil's sharpest outing but he still pitched pretty damn well. His biggest downfall were the 4 walks, specifically the back-to-back ones in the 2nd. His control though wasn't terrible. He did throw 62.4% of his pitches for strikes and that's not bad in my book. Phil has pitched well so far this season and I'd call his outing tonight a good one. Stupid bullpen. I was looking forward to adding a third "U" to my Hughes call but the pen didn't do it's job.

I don't know about you but I get so irritated when the "lefty specialist" can't get the lefties out. I'm talking about you Boone Logan. Your sole purpose is to get out the lefties, not walk them with 2 outs. That was painful. But it wasn't as bad as what Robertson pulled.

D-Rob totally crapped the bed tonight. A HBP followed by 3 straight singles, all with 2 outs. Horrible. I like D-Rob. But he can't be coming in there and doing that. Especially against the absolute worst team in baseball. The O's have 3 freaking wins for crying out loud. Ridiculous.

The loss though isn't all on the pitching. The offense didn't do their part. You don't win a lot of game where you score only 2 runs. You don't win a lot of games where your 1-4 hitters go a combined 1-18. They came real close there in the 9th but coming close gets you a loss. Big fail by the top of the order.

Robinson Cano is on fire. After a mini-slump, he's got a 6-game hitting streak. Over the last 6, RC is 12-23. I'm telling you. Robbie will be the 2010 A.L. MVP. He's that good. Nick Swisher is on a little mini-tear. In his last 6 games, he's 8-22. That's pretty good for Swish. Curtis Granderson on the other hand isn't so hot. In his last 6 he's hitting .000 (0-17). That slump has pretty much wiped out his hot start. He'll turn it around though. He's too good a player. Mark Teixeira though has me worried. Here we are almost 20 games in and he's sitting on a .129 average. I knew he'd get off to a slow start. I didn't think it would last this long.

Got to hit the hay. 5am comes mighty early. I needs me a new jay-oh-bee.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,



smurfy said...

Phil didn't have the same pizazzing rise on his fastball, and I say that umpire squeezed his strike zone down to 8 1/2 x 11. How could he establish command?

Where do these jerks get off with doing that to rookies and newbies?