Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Curtis Granderson & Chan Ho Park Lead Yankees To 3-1 Win Over Red Sox

Awesome win by the Yanks tonight. Taking two out of three in Boston is a pretty damn good way to open up the season. The best part of it was that they sacked Jonathan Papelbon with the L. I never get tired of seeing him get rocked. Someone tell me why I drafted him on my fantasy team. Not on one team, but on two. Yeah, I'm a dummy.

I'm pretty happy that the Yankees took two of three in Boston. If I told you before the series started that the 2-3-4 hitters would combine to go 2-36 and no Yankee starter would earn a decision, you'd think they were swept. Sure they could have played better but winning 2 of 3 is a very good thing.

Granderson's HR was huge but the player of the game is without a doubt Chan Ho Park. Talk about a total 180. Chan Ho Park was a different pitcher tonight. I'm not sure if the Yankees are still passing around a WWE Championship belt but if they are it better go to Park. He was flat out awesome tonight. I totally didn't see it coming. He not only gave the team 1 shutout inning. He not only gave the team 2 shutout innings. He gave them 3 shutout innings. Nicely done CHP. It's too early though to know which Chan Ho Park is the real one. Hopefully it's the one we saw tonight. It's going to be nice having two long men in the bullpen. If the Yankee starter ever gets into trouble, Aceves and Park could easily enter the game and keep the other team down giving the Yankee offense ample time to score some runs. We saw it a lot last year. We'll see it again this year.

Great outing tonight from Andy Pettitte. He struggled a little early on but he settled down and pitched a great game. You think I'd know by now that I shouldn't worry so much that Andy allows so many guys to reach base. He allowed 10 guys to reach base and allowed only 1 run. Vintage Andy. Andy has a career WHIP of 1.36. He lets 'em on but he doesn't let 'em in. You gotta love Andy. So glad he came back this year.

Not a lot of offense tonight. The top of the order, except for Jeter, has been struggling. Johnson, Teixeira, and A-Rod went a combined 0-12 tonight. The trio had a pretty bad series at the plate, combining to go 2-for-36. Johnson and Teixeira are still hitless. I'm not concerned and if you are, you shouldn't be. We all know Mark Teixeira is a slow starter. Nick Johnson is going to have a really high OBP. And A-Rod, is well, A-Rod. If the rest of the lineup stays hot and those guys get going, watch out.

The bottom of the order on the other hand is off to a pretty good start. Curtis Granderson had a damn good series. His HR off Papelbon was a thing of beauty. There's a lot of talk during the game and after it that it was his "Yankee moment." I think it was a great moment, but I'm on the fence about it being his "Yankee moment." I know it came against the Red Sox. I know it was off Papelbon. But it's the 3rd game of the season. It's a little too early for me to call it a "Yankee moment." It's close, real close, but I can't call it a "Yankee moment."

Dick Clark: "Snails. Molasses. Turtles. Paint drying." Me: "Things that are faster than Jorge Posada." Ding ding ding. Holy cow Jorge is slow. The Yankees are lucky that JD Drew made a crappy throw on Swisher's single. He would have had Posada by a mile if that throw was online. And what is up with Posada not sliding? If my memory serves me correctly he pulled the same crap last year. You'd think as a catcher he'd know the drill.

It's always good to win a series. It's always good to win a series in Boston. Not a bad way to open the season. Off day tomorrow. Enjoy it.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,