Friday, May 25, 2007

The $200 Million Dollar Pyramid

Host: 60 seconds on the board. And the game starts now. Go!
Giver: ineffective, inconsistent, horrendous, terrible
Answerer: What is the Yankee bullpen?
Host: Right!
Giver: weak, inaccurate, not strong
Answerer: What is Johnny Damon's arm?
Host: Right!
Giver: taking out starters too early, pinch running for Jason Giambi, letting Luis Vizcaino pitch
Answerer: What are bad moves consistently made by Joe Torre?
Host: Right again. Half way there. 42 seconds remaining....
Giver: a basket case, a liar, the biggest waste of money ever, someone I hope to never see in Pinstripes again
Answerer: Who is Carl Pavano?
Host: Correct! 30 seconds.
Giver: George Steinbrenner
Answerer: Who's really on the hook for the Yankees being so bad?
Host: Correct! Last one 20 seconds....
Giver: zero, zilch, slim, none
Answerer: What are the Yankees chances for winning #27 in 2007?
*bells and whistles and sirens go off, confetti and balloons fall from the sky*
Why pull Tyler Clippard? Really Joe, why?