Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Get Out Of My Head

On a whim, I decided to click on MLB Trade Rumors to see what was up. And what do I see? How Soon Before Yankees/Phillies Rumors Surface? Nothing is in the works, but it basically brings up what I brought up very early Wednesday morning, though it's from a Phillies perspective. The writer of the post, Tom Goyne, author of Balls, Sticks and Stuff, "a Phillies-centric site," thinks the Phillies won't move a starter "unless the deal is decidingly in their favor." With the recent rash of injuries to Yankees starters as well as Pavano's setback, they might just get that deal, assuming of course that Cashman is looking to bring in an arm from the outside.
If a deal with the Phils ever comes to fruition, remember where you heard it proposed first. If it doesn't happen, those posts will conveniently disappear. Kind of like the Yankees chances to make it to the postseason if things don't improve.
Game was rained out. Doubleheader tomorrow.