Thursday, May 17, 2007

Has Anybody Seen Murderer's Row Plus Cano?

First off, I must again apologize for the gaps in posts and my absence in leaving comments on my fellow Yankee bloggers sites. Time has been escaping me lately. I do a lot of my posting and commenting at work. There's always a rough patch that keeps me off the net and to be honest, I don't like it. I want to get paid to blog. Who doesn't?
Due to the rain out and the day game today, I didn't get to see much of the Chicago series. Quite frankly, it's probably for the best.
The pitching has done pretty well in May. A team ERA of 3.82 (4th best in AL). That's nothing to complain about considering how the staff did in April. For those that forgot, or are just too lazy to look, the team ERA in April was 5.02, good enough for 12th best in the AL. I think the Yankees have the pitching staff to compete, and to contend. Who knew our problem would be our offense?
A-Rod has been awful at the plate in May. That hot start isn't going to amount to much at the rate he's going. Abreu still blows. Giambi's average is going down faster than my cousin did when she was in Nip/Tuck (sorry, I can't abandon the reference). We should have traded Melky in the off-season when we had the chance. Robbie is batting about 100 points below where he was last year. It's amazing that an lineup with such talent consistently under-performs. There are too many guys in a funk and the team can't afford it. Posada and Jeter can't do it all by themselves. If you told me before the season started that Posada would be leading the free world in hitting in mid-May, first I would have laughed, and second I would have thought the Yankees would have won 75% of their games. But instead we're sitting at 18-21 and 9 games behind Boston. You wouldn't think a team that has the top 2 hitters, the top HR hitter/run producer would be doing so poorly.
These guys are playing like absolute doo-doo. Where is our great offense? It doesn't seem like these guys can consistently be on the same page. How we lead the league in runs scored is beyond me?
This is a pretty rough stretch we got coming up in the schedule. First we got the Mets (best team in NL), then the Red Sox (I hate to say this, but best team in MLB) and then the Angels (they always give us fits). These next 9 games could be make or break. This could be the stretch that defines the Yankees season. It's time for these guys to nut up and show us what they got.
These guys need some motivation. Somebody needs to light a fire up under their *****, maybe break out the paddles, charge 'em up and shock this team off life support. Sadly, I don't think Torre is going to do it. I don't see it in him.
Somebody get on the horn with Matt Foley.