Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Profanity Filled Tirade Courtesy Of Reggie Jackson

Another pathetic performance by the Yankees offense. I asked this question yesterday, and I'll ask it again, with a different name? Shawn Marcum? Really now? Shawn Marcum? The Yankees again made a bum pitcher look like Cy Young. What gives? Since the announcement of Clemens return, the Yankees offense has gone cold. I remember posting when he signed that he had a lopsided career record when he gets at least 4 runs of support, and the Yankees had only scored less than 4 runs twice this season at that point. My how the times have changed. But enough about that.
Reggie Jackson is a mean old man. Reggie is in Toronto. he was part of a Q&A held by the Blue Jays ticketing office as part of a flex back promotion. That was Monday. Reggie stuck around. Now Reggie is old school. He's not afraid of people. A lot of these current day players plop headphones in their ears or perpetrate like their on cell phones to avoid an interaction. Reggie will roll you over. Reggie first left the team hotel yesterday and took a walk to get breakfast. My traveling companion and fellow Yankees fan Dan and another guy decide to tail Reggie and see if they could get him to sign away from the hotel. They got their chance and politely (or so they say) asked Reggie if he'd sign. He said no, and my friend Dan politely thanked him anyway and then Reggie said OK and he'd sign. So he signed the two balls and my friend Dan commented to him that he enjoyed the Q&A from the day before. As Dan tells it, Reggie put his hand on his shoulder and said "I don't mean to diss you but I don't want to talk to you." Fair enough. So after Dan got back and told the 4 of us waiting at the hotel the story, we thought we'd go across the street and ask him after he finished his lunch. Reggie hops out of the restaurant and starts walking toward us. He sees the 4 of us move into position and he starts waving his hands in the air as if to ward us off and he starts yelling at us "No bleepin' way! 1 or 2 is OK but when it's more than that it's bleepin' ridiculous." Interesting. So one guy asks Reggie, "Would you have signed for me if I had followed you around and waited for you?" And then Reggie went off. "I don't give a (bleep) what you (bleeps) do. I do give a (bleep) what people think. I'm 60 (bleepin') years old and this is (bleepin') BS. You (bleepers) follow me the (bleep) around and I'm (bleepin') sick of it. Stop (bleepin') asking me." Wow. And there was a little more too but I don't remember the exact phrases he was using. All in all, I think I counted a dozen or so F-bombs. It was actually pretty funny. It's too bad I didn't have a camera phone because that video would be up on YouTube. Good stuff. So then the team bus was getting ready to leave and Reggie walked out and hopped on. The 15 of us that were there didn't acknowledge him. But then he surprised us and hopped of the bus and signed for those of us standing there. His disposition was far from pleasant as he didn't say a word to anyone. Maybe he felt a little bad about going off on the 4 of us. Maybe that's just his angle. Act like it's a big inconvenience and then do it anyway. I doubt it though because I've heard stories of him dropping F-bombs in front of little kids. Good stuff.
It was a pretty good day all around. The day started off with Joe Torre signing a few balls while walking around. Then Dan got Miguel Cairo. Then Yankee great Donnie Baseball signed a few. Then Reggie closed out the morning session. We could have gotten a few more but we were running low on baseballs and didn't want to use them on guys like Josh Phelps.
When we went back after the game Robinson Cano signed getting off the bus. The closer was A-Rod signing for 5 or 6 of us as he walked across the street.
And yes, he did stay at a different hotel. One across the street from the rest of the team. Make of that what you will.
Time for day three. Hopefully, we don't get swept out of Canada.