Thursday, May 31, 2007

He Said, She Said

There's been a lot of discussion today surrounding A-Rod's involvement in that missed pop up in the 9th inning of the Yankees/Jays game. I was at the game, seated out in RF, so I have no idea if A-Rod said anything or not. And I will say that if anyone runs by a fielder and yells "I got it," then that's pretty bush league.
I DVR'd the replay so I could try and see myself in the stands on Damon's 1st inning jack, and for those wondering, I did. I also wanted to see the TV coverage of that play as it happened. After watching it, and breaking it down in slo-mo, I don't think A-Rod yelled "I got it," and if he did, the Jays third-baseman is an idiot, or just a rookie that made a bad mistake.
When I slowed it down and watched it frame-by-frame, it looks like Howie Clark has a bead on a ball and diverts his attention from it right when A-Rod's foot is about to touch the dirt at third base. A-Rod would have been on Clark's right when Clark moved off the ball. Jays SS John McDonald would have been on Clark's left. A-Rod was already a few strides to Clark's right when Clark broke from the ball. If A-Rod said something, Clark should have known his teammates call would have come from back and to the left. Back and to the left. Back and to the left. Sorry, I had an Oliver Stone moment there. A-Rod was nowhere near John McDonald when Clark changed his focus. In fact, A-Rod was about 8 feet or so from the third base umpire when Clark moved off the ball. I'm not sure what the exact rules of baseball are when it comes to "verbally" interfering with balls in play. I know that players in the dugout show things at guys going after foul balls. It'd be kind of the same to me. Bush league. But that's an accepted part of the game. I'd have to think that the umpire, being the closest to A-Rod at the point it looks like Clark moves off the ball, would have heard exactly what A-Rod yelled. If A-Rod ran by yelling "I got it" repeatedly, we probably would have been able to hear that on the replay. After breaking down the replay, I don't think Alex yelled much.
I do though think he yelled something. He had that little smirk on face after things cooled off. I think the odds are pretty good that the Jays look for a little payback the next time these 2 teams meet.
Peace, love and Pinstripes,