Saturday, May 19, 2007

Close But No Cigar

Another day. Another loss. This one doesn't sting as bad because at least they put up a fight. But alas, it was a little too little, it was a little too late. With any luck, the last 2 innings of today's Yankees/Mets game will change the recent trend of poor performances by the Yankees offense. Knock on wood.

I really think the Yankees need to stop playing Saturday games on Fox. First, Jeff Karstens. Now, Darrell Rasner. Is there some kind of hex on Yankee starters when Fox gets the broadcast. Looks like Raz is out for a few months with a broken finger. It's amazing the misfortune that the Yankees have run into this year. What did we do to make the Baseball Gods unhappy?

The game today was pretty much a mess. The negatives:

  1. Cano had 3 errors
  2. D-Raz's injury
  3. A 2-run HR off Damon's glove
  4. Vizcaino was again Vizcaycrappy
  5. Farnsworth was horrible

But there were some silver linings:

  1. Everybody got a hit
  2. A-Rod finally hit a HR
  3. Posada went 4-5
  4. Jeter extended his hit streak
  5. Ron Villone pitched 2 scoreless innings

I'm hoping that silver linings 1 and 2 are signs of things to come. We need everybody to hit and we definitely need A-Rod to be April A-Rod. I shudder to think what the Yankees record would be if A-Rod didn't have a hot April. 14-27 maybe? I still don't think our season is down the drain yet. There's a lot of baseball left. You have to think that sooner or later, the bounces will start going our way. Not much is going, or has gone, in our favor this season. One injury after another. Blown calls. You'd think in the end it will all even out. Right?

The final week and a half of this month will be very interesting. You have to think Torre's job, as well as Cashman's, are on the line. I know Cashman put this team together, but I can't really put any blame on him. I think he put together a winner, or at the least, a team that could make it to October. It's not his fault that so many things have gone wrong, or that so many guys are underperforming all at the same time. Something has to be done though. I hope that the late rally we saw today was a sign of things to come. Let's build on that.