Friday, May 18, 2007

Another Craptacular Loss

It's getting to the point where every post I write ends up the same. Good pitching. Blah hitting. Yankees lose. Thuhhh Yankees lose. That's sounds familiar. I wonder if I opened with that before. I should hire myself a fact checker, or whatever they're called.
Pettitte got jobbed again. No surprise. I'll give credit to the Mets defense and to Oliver Perez. They took care of business and got the job done. Pettitte again pitched well enough to get the W, but the offense couldn't pick him up. I can't remember which announcer said it on the post game show, it was either Kay or Singleton (I'm leaning Singleton), but right now it's 2 carrying 7, and it needs to be 7 carrying 2. The only guys who are hitting with any kind of consistency are Jeter and Posada. Everyone else, just horrible. Abreu has turned into an automatic out. I really think someone needs to give him an eye exam. A-Rod is on the verge of bringing back the boo birds. I could go on and on, but it's the same old line.
They made a good point on the post game show, and it's something that I've noticed. The Yankees aren't playing their game. They're not working counts. They're not taking pitches. They're not getting into opposing bullpens. What they're doing, isn't working. Kevin Long needs to get with Donnie Baseball and figure out a game plan and they need to do it with the quickness.
4 games under .500. 10 games behind Boston. We're circling the drain folks. But there's still a lot of water left in the tub. There's time to turn things around, but they need to do something fast.
Man, this is getting old.