Monday, May 14, 2007

Night And Day

Sorry for not posting over the last few days. Mother's Day (happy belated). Work. Household chores. Buying a car. Not fun.
Am I the only Yankees fan that is getting severely frustrated with the Yankees play? Man it's painful. They pitch real well and they don't hit. They hit real well and they don't pitch. What's extremely frustrating is that the pitchers are pitching well enough to win every ball game. It's the offense that hasn't been holding up their end of the deal. And I don't think anybody could have predicted that. With the pitching they've gotten, they should be winning every ballgame, except of course for Wang's last outing. DeSalvo and Pettitte were awesome. Even D-Raz pitched well enough for the win. The Yankees have played 13 games in May. Throw out the bad outings by Wang and Igawa, and the Yankees have only given up 21 runs in those 11 games. You'd think hearing that the Yankees would have won all 11 of those games.
You can't fault the entire offense though. They do have the top 2 hitters in the AL in Jeter and Posada. Jete and Jorgie are really the only 2 that are delivering consistently. A-Rod has cooled off. Damon has been slumping but is looking like he's breaking out of it. Giambi is OK. But everyone else is just plain awful. I think Abreu could be declared legally blind. What he's done so far is mind boggling. He's not even drawing walks. Pitiful. This team isn't going to win anything if they can't score some runs. It wasn't long ago we were saying the exact opposite. This team won't win anything if they don't stop giving up runs. Remember that? Well, they've stopped. What happened to the offense?
Now we find ourselves 2 games under .500 and 8 games in back of the Red Sox. By the way, thanks Orioles for gift-wrapping that Sox come from behind win yesterday. Real nice. The Yankees are much better than their record indicates. These guys need to figure out a way to get great hitting and great pitching. The Yankees should easily be able to score 4 runs every game. Right?
April and May have been like night and day. April saw great hitting and crappy pitching. May has seen great pitching and crappy hitting. Find the balance guys! Find the balance.
Peace, love and Pinstripes,