Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Take 2 Steps Forward, Now Take 2 Steps Back

Just when you think the Yankees have taken 2 steps forward, they take a step backwards. One of these days, they're going to break through.
I can't believe that the Yankees again failed to knock around Julian Tavarez. He's not that good of a pitcher. How he stymied the Yanks again is beyond me. He was just asking to get hit, but no one delivered.
Moose didn't have it last night and you could totally see that from the get go. His fastball had no pop to it. Surprisingly, he kept the Yankees in the game for the most part. If it weren't for another blown call, who knows what would have happened. Regardless, good teams would have battled through that blown call and gotten out of the inning. We can't hang the L on that blown call, though it did hurt a lot. I know the Yankees have benefited from many a blown call over the years, but typically those blown calls balance out throughout the season. Right now, nothing is going in their favor. I suppose the law of averages say eventually things will balance out. It needs to happen soon.
Giambi continues to be the main attention getter. Rumors abound that he failed a drug test for amphetamines last year. According to the article, it's rumored that about 80 or so guys failed a test for amphetamines last year. So before anybody jumps all over Giambi, break it down. On average, it's about 2.5 people per team, or 10% of the league. That's not to say that every team had a guy test positive, but odds are good. If you think your club is high and mighty and above doing this type of thing, you're nuts. There's also rumors that the Angels are interested in Giambi's services. I wasn't impressed with the pieces I heard involved. Figgins and Molina. Yawn. I can see King George wanting Figgins because of how he was for the Halos two years ago. That's how he operates. But Giambi has a blanket no-trade clause and i don't see him going anywhere. I'm still on the fence about seeing the Yankees get rid of him. Maybe they'll pull a page from the Sox playbook and waive him and see if they can get any takers for that salary. Who knows?
I love all the people out there whining about A-Rod's slide into Pedroia. Sure he came up with the elbow, but that's baseball. I'm pretty sure I remember Orlando Cabrera sliding into 2nd and throwing his back into "I can't remember who" during the 2004 ALCS. Why weren't the Sox fans whining about a cheap shot then. "No way, that was a good hard slide," I remember them saying. Whatever floats your boat. The fact of the matter is that's baseball. That kind of play happens every day. Quit your whining.
I'm going to miss some of the game tonight. Wednesday night co-ed softball is back. It's OK but for the most part it's not fun. The guy that runs our team lets way too many people play, so you're lucky if you play 3 innings. I pitch, so at least I've got something to do. With any luck, by the time I get to the bar to down a few adult beverages, the Yankees will have themselves a nice lead. They have to win this series. Our 1-2-3 can't drop a series to their 4-5-1. It just can't happen.
Go Yankees!