Monday, May 7, 2007

Did You Know?

was listening to the MLB channel on XM today and they dropped a stat that blew my mind. I wish I wrote it down so I had the exact figure. I heard it while working so I hope I have it right. I tried to find it on the web but I couldn't. If anybody heard this stat, or knows where to validate it, let me know. Now that I've got the build up out of the way, here's the stat:
Roger Clemens' career record when he receives 4 runs or more of run support is 267-13. 13 losses when he gets at least 4 runs scored on his behalf. Wow.
Roger now has one of the best lineups ever assembled on his side. The Yankees have scored 4 runs or more in 26 of their 29 games this season. As a Yankee fan, you have to be extremely excited by that. Wow.
Has anyone else heard that stat? I'd love to know I got it right, but I know I'm in the ballpark.
Peace, love and Pinstripes,