Wednesday, May 9, 2007


What can I say about this game that I haven't said about the last few games? Hmm, let me see here. Great pitching? Nope, said that. Great defense? Said that too. Solid offense? Word. Man. I guess I don't need to write a blog tonight. Sweet. I guess I'll devote this post to tonight's American Idol. Psyche!
I'll start again with the great pitching. Moose doesn't seem to be showing any ill effects for his hamstring injury. He looked sharp. The Yankees rotation is solid. Throw out the Igawa start and you're looking at 8 starts where they've given up less than 2 runs. Check out this line on the last 5 starts: 33.2 IP, 18 H, 5 ER, 8 BB, 14 K, 1.34 ERA, 0.77 WHIP. Man, the Yankees rotation is weak. I can totally see why everybody thinks that. Pettitte is garbage. Wang is the worst pitcher, possibly ever. Moose is ready to be stuffed and mounted on somebody's wall. Whatever. I'm pretty confident that before the end of the month the Yankees will statistically have one of the best pitching staffs in the American League. Mark it down. Put it on the board. Take it to the bank. Do whatever you got to do. It's happening.
The bullpen was sharp. I thought Torre actually managed this one pretty effectively. We're seeing a nice trend here. The starters are throwing 6-plus. The bullpen is getting adequate rest and are pitching more effectively. Was i the only one who was a little nervous when Mike Myers strolled in? i was all set to come in and type an entry called "Lefty Crapalist" but he saved himself tonight. They made light of the fact that Myers moved where he stands when facing lefties. I'm really hoping this helps him get that average against lefties down. It's also a positive that Mo got some work even though it wasn't a save situation. The more work he gets, the more consistent he's going to be.
If you visited the blog earlier tonight, you probably saw my "Nieves Hit Watch." Much to my surprise, he roped a single into LF and ended his 4 and a half year hitless streak. You think I can take credit for the hit. He did after all get the hit about an hour after I started the watch?
The Yankees defense is looking real sharp. I wanted to reach through my TV and put Michael Kay in a headlock when he said that Jeter hasn't made an error in 19 games. I was so ready for Jeter to boot a ball in the first inning. You're lucky nothing happened Kay.
Despite scoring 6 runs, I didn't think the Yankees offense was terribly impressive. They jumped all over Tejada in the first inning but pretty much cooled off after that. Outside of that, it was just Jeter's 2-out hit in the 4th. The Captain is on fire in 2-out situations. Jeter is now 9 for 15 when there are RISP and 2 outs. Now that's clutch.
I'm not happy that there is an afternoon game tomorrow. I like listening to games on the radio, but when I'm at work I can never devote my full attention to the game. Yankees ace Chien-Ming Wang gets the call. I listened to his last start on the radio and we all know how that went.
Peace, love and Pinstripes.