Monday, May 7, 2007

Bobby Being Beltran

Tonight's Yankees loss was tough to swallow. That was definitely a game where "the bounces" didn't go our way. In this case, the bounce is a blown call on a stolen base by pinch-runner Willie Bloomquist. Bloomquist was at least out by 2 feet. I can't even fathom blowing a call like that. You can get off your knees know ump. You've succeeding in blowing the game. That was horrible. And of course, instead of being the 3rd out, Bloomquist scores. Had that call gone the Yankees way, as it should have, Rivera comes in with a 1-run lead and we likely don't even see Beltre in the 9th. Ridiculous. Almost as ridiculous as the Yankees not arguing that call.
DeSalvo was great. That's probably the second best outing by a Yankees starter this year, next to Wang's flirt with perfection. Matty D. scattered 3 hits over 7 IPs. And he only threw 89 pitches. He probably could have gone 1 more. Great outing by the rook. Farnsworth was even great. Rivera on the other hand, still struggling. I blame Michael Kay for that dinger. When will announcers learn? How often does something like that happen? It all reality, probably not that often, but it seems like it happens all the time. It drives me nuts. You hear it come out of their mouth and you just get that feeling. And there it goes, over the wall. Yankees lose.
The offense had their chances but failed to capitalize when it counted. 14 baserunners and they only get 2 runs. That's unacceptable for an offense of this caliber. If we have to keep relying on Doug Mientkiewicz to supply the run production, we're going to be in trouble. He seems to be the only one coming through with RISP. Horrible night by the offense. I dropped a stat earlier that the Yankees had scored 3 runs or less only 3 times this season. I guess we can make it 4. 4 out of 30. Still not bad. Had the offense done their job, that blown call in the 8th wouldn't be a big deal. The game shouldn't even have been that close. Memo to Bobby Abreu: Get the bat off the shoulder! Who are you? Carlos Beltran?
I'm still ticked by that call. DeSalvo was definitely robbed of his first major league win. Ridiculous. The Rangers come in tomorrow. Pettitte's on the hill. I hope for his sake he pitches a complete game. I'd hate to see the bullpen blow another win for AP.
edited to add: DeSalvo is getting another start this Saturday in Seattle. The kid deserves it.