Thursday, May 24, 2007

Yanks Win A Series. I Go Yard!

I'm a little bummed today. Due to softball last night, I totally missed Curt Schilling get rocked by the Yankees bats again. I would have loved to have seen that. But alas, I was too busy hitting 3-run homers and pitching our way to another victory. It was a sweet shot that split the gap in right-center and kept rolling. I'm pretty good at taking it the other way in softball, which is real tough in slow pitch in my opinion. It's my first dinger. i should have had 4 last year but I'm always up after this slow older lady who barely makes it to 3rd on those hits. I catch up to her before I hit second and have to stop. It drives me nuts. But anyway, seeing the headlines out there about Schilling getting ripped were nice.
I caught the last few innings on the radio during the drive home. Man, I want to slap Kyle Farnsworth upside his melon. Memo to Torre: find a new setup man. His job is to get 3 outs in the 8th. He's not effective in his role. Replace him.
From what I gathered, Pettitte was again solid. his ERA dropped even further. Where are all the doubters now? 10 starts and an ERA of 2.66 (tied with Beckett for 5th best in AL). I think we can finally put to rest all the pre-season buzz that he was old, injury prone and would have an increased ERA from making the jump back to the AL. We haven't seen any of that. It's too bad the offense and bullpen have blown a few of his wins. A 3-3 record doesn't do AP justice.
There's a lot of people knocking Clemens on his outing last night. Put little stock in that performance. It's a lot like spring training. Most of the time they're just working on throwing certain pitches and not working necessarily on getting everyone out. No worries here. I really hope he decides to skip another start in the minors. I have tickets to the 3 games in Toronto and would love nothing more to see Clemens make his return in person. I've never seen him pitch and would love to be able to say I saw one of the greats. And most of all, if he's in town, I'll have a shot at getting his autograph. That would be money.
The Yanks are on a mini-roll. Winners of 3 of their last 4. The Halos are coming to town and they always give the Yankees fits. The only team that has a winning record against the Yankees in the Joe Torre era. Unreal. That's a trend that needs changing. Let's keep the momentum going.
Enjoy the off day.