Sunday, May 6, 2007

Oh Yeah, There Was A Game Today

With all the hoopla surrounding Roger Clemens' return to the Bronx, I almost forgot there was a game to talk about. And just so everyone knows, the lucky shirt I donned for the 3 game sweep of the Indians made it back into the rotation for yesterday's game. I've got it on today. I'll have it on tomorrow. The shirt is now 5-1 and it comes along with the Rocket's re-signing.
The player of the game was definitely D-Raz. First pitch strikes. That's the key right there. Yankees fans couldn't have asked for anything more. Wang got the ball rolling yesterday. D-Raz kept it going. May has definitely been a much kinder month to the Yankees pitching staff. Throw out the Igawa game and we've seen 5 starts and 4 earned runs given up by the starters, an ERA of 1.16. The entire staff only gave up 7 runs in those 5 games. You have to be very encouraged by the staff's performance since May 1. And oh yeah, Roger Clemens is back!
I've asked this before. I'll ask it again. Why is Wil Nieves a major league catcher? Another Ofer. He's still o fer 2002. Horrible. DFA him and let Phelps be the backup. How 'bout Phelps running down Johjima? A little cheap? Yes. But it was good to see him fight for that run. And then of course that sparked off some beanballs. I thought Phelps deserved to get hit. I thought Proctor throwing inside at Betancourt was uncalled for, but it was good to see him standing up for one of his guys. I was hoping to see Farnsworth come barreling in from the bullpen and deliver a body slam or two.
Abreu seems to have snapped out of his slump. 6 for his last 14 over his last 3 games. The offense still can't all gel at the same time. Today A-Rod and Giambi delivered the goose eggs. Congrats to Matsui for picking up his 2000th professional hit.
It's amazing that nobody caught on to Clemens' return prior to the announcement. What a shocker! Oh what I would have given to have been at the stadium. Roger hopes to return by the end of the month. With any luck, it'll be the last 3 days of the month when the Yanks travel to Toronto because I'll already be there. That'd be killer. I might have to make a roadie to Scranton and see a minor league start depending on the timetable. I'm still in utter disbelief that this went down today. Somebody queue up U2's "Beautiful Day." Wow.
Who knew the Yankees would get two victories in one game? May is shaping up to be a great month.