Thursday, May 3, 2007

Jose Vizcay-crappo

Am I the only one who's a little irked that Jose Vizcaino got credit for the win? Guy comes in and gives up a game-tying dinger and then lucks out when the Yankees pick up the go-ahead run in their half of the next inning. How many games does this bullpen need to blow for Andy Pettitte? This was Pettitte's 6th start and it was the 4th time the bullpen blew the lead after he left. Andy seems to be this year's John Smoltz. There was one point late last season where the Braves bullpen had blown saves in 6 of Smoltz's games. Pettitte is already up to 3. 4 if you count his first start where he left before going the 5 innings necessary to get a win.
And of all batters to give up the HR to. Jerry Hariston Jr. 30 career home runs. 1 every 80 at-bats.
Memo to Joe Torre: Don't let Vizcaino pitch with a lead.