Friday, June 1, 2007

Did They Just Win 2 In A Row

Wow! Another 2 game winning streak. I still can't believe that I need to get excited by that. But it's been that kind of season.
The Yankees offense bailed out an ineffective Chien-Ming Wang by manhandling a less effective Tim Wakefield. Maybe manhandling isn't the right word as Wakefield didn't help himself out at all with all the free passes. The Yankees have owned Wakefield lately. It was great to see the Yankees finally get much needed hits with runners on base. It's something we haven't seen much over these past few weeks. Hopefully, they've turned a corner, but, they've looked as if they've turned the corner before and they fall right back into a funk. I'll get excited when they string together a few more games like the last 2.
Wang definitely didn't look like the ace of the staff tonight. All things considered, it could have been much worse. Wang allowed 13 baserunners, but escaped by allowing only 3 runs. Wang was typical Wang by getting 14 groundball outs. That definitely helped his cause. It was a good win for him.
How good was it to see Torre getting fired up on the blow call on Abreu's steal attempt of 3rd? Finally some intensity from the skipper. I loved it. Hopefully it lights a fire under these guys. Maybe that will be turning point? It's about time Torre put up a stink. The Yanks have gotten hosed several times this year. Joe hit the breaking point. It's well overdue.
Was the I only one who noticed that Posada never tagged Mirabelli when he was running him back to 3rd? He missed him with the ball and tagged him with the glove while the ball was in his hand. Correct me if I'm wrong but I didn't think that constituted a tag? If I'm not wrong, how curious that they never showed that one in super slo-mo. Interesting.
In all honesty, I don't think that Proctor was intentionally throwing at Youklis in the 9th? I can definitely see why people would think that as Sox pitchers hit 3 Yankee hitters and Proctor seems to be the one pitcher who isn't afraid of retaliating. But throwing at his head? I don't see anybody doing that. It's obvious that the home plate ump thought it was a purpose pitch as he tossed him. Between Torre's tirade, Youklis yelling at Proctor, and Proctor yelling at the umpire, I think this game had more F-bombs in it than any game I've ever seen. And I didn't see Mattingly get tossed when Proctor got bounced. I thought the skipper got tossed along with the pitcher?
Mike Myers finally got David Ortiz out. That's a reason to celebrate. Give the man the key to the city.
K-Farns looked impressive. I give him about 2 outs before he implodes again. Sorry K-Farns, but I don't have faith in you.
The bottom of the Yankees lineup was on its game tonight. Now that Melky knows he's an everyday player, I'm expecting his average to start climbing. Cano seems to have busted out of his slump. Over the last 2 weeks, Robbie has raised his average 35 points from .234 to .269. Now that's what we need if we're going to claw our way back into this race. If only Abreu could catch fire.
I've heard a lot of "analysts" say that they like the Yankees take 2 out of 3 in Boston, and winning the opener was a step in the right direction. We get old man Schilling tomorrow. I smell a beatdown. Unfortunately, I'm going to miss most of, if not all of the game tomorrow. The wife and I are hitting up an all-day childbirth class. 8am - 5pm. I am so overjoyed. Insert sarcasm here. We're about 10 weeks away from the little guy's arrival. He's a very active little one, especially when the Yanks are on. It's eerie sometimes how he kicks when something good or bad happens. He's definitely rooting from the womb. Gotta love it.
Peace, love and Pinstripes,