Tuesday, June 12, 2007

All Square At Five-Hundy

As I said earlier, I hate watching games when they're broadcast on My9. The local affiliate that carries the game here is WNGS RTN 11. The RTN stands for Retro Television Network. They show all sorts of what they call "classic" TV shows, like the previously mentioned 21 Jump street and Mission Impossible. First of all, they didn't join the game until there were 2 outs in the 1st. Who's manning the controls here? Second, and this is the worst, they cut to mid at-bat commercials and it's always for the type of product they have infomercials for. *** is that all about? When there's a 2-2 count and 1 out with a runner on, I don't need to see an advertisement for OxyClean. That dude needs a shave. Enough about that, how 'bout them Yankees?
Yeah baby! 7 in a row. The game wasn't the most exciting game in the world, but we kind of knew that with it being Wang v. Webb. And did I call it or did I call it? I said I'd be shocked if the game went more than 2.5 hours. Wait, the official time was 2:34. Consornit. I guess I was wrong. So close. I now know how Schilling felt when Stewart broke up the no-no.
It was good to see Wang outduel one of the NL's best. Surprisingly though, Wang got more fly ball outs then he did groundouts. Not a typical Wang start in terms of the type of out, but I'm not going to complain when he throws 7 innings and gives up 1 run. Wang is the ace of this staff. Sign the man to a lifetime contract extension right now.
The defense was on fire tonight. Some really great grabs by Jeter and Cairo saved Wang's hide. Jeter gets a bad rap as a good defensive SS. I don't think he's the greatest defensive SS in the game, not even close. But he gets dogged quite often for being a poor defensive SS. I don't get that. Maybe it's "Yankee-blindness," but if you ask me, he's always making plays.
Outside of the first inning, there wasn't much in terms of Yankees offense. I'll credit that to Brandon Webb. He didn't win the NL Cy Young last year for giving up a lot of runs. I like B-Webb. I never should have traded him in my Diamond Mind League. You gotta love Bobby Abreu at this point. I'm so glad that he's turned the season around. He's been absolutely on fire lately. He'll be at .300 in no time.
And then there's Mo. Another solid outing. The ERA is below 4. He's back. Back. Back in a New York groove. It won't be long before that ERA dips below 3. Take notes Kyle. That's how you do it.
It's past my bedtime. Check back tomorrow as I've got something very cool on the burner.