Thursday, June 28, 2007

They Didn't Lose. Well, Not Yet Anyway.

My mother-in law is very lucky. The in-laws came over to check out how the baby's room is shaping up. She walks into the living room, sees the game on TV and says "oh, the Yankees are winning." It was 3-2. She went upstairs with my wife and my father-in law made a comment about the game and I said to him, "Well, it's all down hill from here because your wife jinxed 'em." And sure enough, Wang imploded in the 7th and the O's took the lead. Lucky for her the rains came and altered the game. The Yanks put up a little fight and took the lead back in the 8th. And now after a lengthy rain delay, the game has been suspended and will be finished on July 27th.
I'm kind of glad that these guys came back in the 8th. It's just the thing that might energize this clubhouse and get things back on track. I guess it's hard to make a case that they were ever on track, so delete the word "back" from my previous sentence.
Had the game resumed, the bullpen had ample time to throw the game away. It's sad that I think that. I don't want to get ahead of myself and put this one in the win column, but we'll call this a moral victory for the time being. You never want to jump to conclusions.
Right, Rick? Yeah I saw that. *giggle*