Saturday, June 23, 2007

Geez Louise

Will the real New York Yankees please stand up? I'm starting to wonder if the real Yankees are as good as I think they are, or if they're just another average team. It's hard to tell. They get on a roll. Then they get swept. They pitch. They hit. They win. They don't pitch. They don't hit. They lose. What gives?
i didn't get to see much of today's game. The Trenton Thunder are in Erie, Pa and I decided to drive down and try and get signed balls the Yankees top pitching prospects, Joba Chamberlain and Ian Kennedy. I did. Both on sweet spots. I rolled into Erie at about 3:45 and went and waited near the player entrance for them to come off the field from throwing and shagging balls during BP. I had my XM radio in my pocket and I was checking the score frequently, though I didn't listen to it. BP ended at 6, I got both autographs, and I decided to skip the game and drive back home.
As I started my drive, I turned on the game and the Yanks were up 4-2. What seemed like seconds later, they were down 5-4. Here's a tip: stop walking Ray Durham. Here's a question: can Mike Myers get lefties out? Some lefty specialist he is. Myers screwed up twice in Colorado and has done again days later in San Fran. Lefties are hitting .313 vs Myers. Some specialist. And while I'm ragging on players, Andy Phillips does not belong on a major league roster. I found it rather comical the other day when in his first game back, Ken Singleton praised Phillips saying he's hit everywhere he's been. Umm, sorry there Kenny, but no he hasn't. He's a career .224 hitter as a Yankee. He's not good. I wonder who will end the year with a higher batting average, Phillips or Nieves. My money is on Wil.
A-rod is on a freakin' tear. I was getting off the NYS Thruway to pick up some dinner. I went with a Crunchwrap Supreme and a hard shelled taco from Taco Bell. Friendly advice: don't eat hard shelled tacos while driving. It's a tough thing to do. Call it dumb luck, but I didn't get any of the beef on my shirt. Yay me. Anyway, as I'm on the off-ramp heading to the toll booth, A-Rod goes deep to tie the game at 5. This is the 2nd time now where I've been on an off-ramp of the NYS Thruway when A-Rod has gone yard in the 9th inning. The last being when he hit the walkoff grand slam against the Indians. I guess if I find that the Yankees are losing in the 9th inning, I should hop in my hooptie hoop, drive to the NYS Thruway ('bout 2 miles away) and sit on the off-ramp. No sooner than 10 seconds after I finished typing the last sentence, A-Rod grounded out in the 13th. There are 2 outs and Clemens is headed to the pen, and now Proctor is in the batter's box. He whiffed. What in the world is going on here?
I was still in the car when Kevin Thompson lead off the 11th with a single. I was furious when Abreu tried to sacrifice him to 2nd. My anger had nothing to do with the failed bunt attempt. That move made absolutely no sense to me. Assuming Abreu was successful, there'd be a runner on 2nd, 1 out and A-Rod would be up. Any manager with half a brain would then walk A-Rod with 1st base open. You would in effect be taking the bat out of the game's best hitter's hands. Dumb move Mr. Torre. Dumb move. Why give up the out when Abreu could get a hit. Didn't make any sense to me. Still doesn't.
I've been home for the last inning and a half. The winning run is now on 2nd with 1 out. Now there are 2 outs. Oooh, Vizquel just missed the game winner. We dodged a bullet. Wow, Vizquel just hit it in exactly the same spot. Just missed. Vizquel ended up with an infield single. Winning run is now 90 feet away. And a bloop effin single wins it. Mother (expletive deleted).
5 runs on 17 hits? Two words: pitta full.
I want to punch Robin Williams right in his nose.