Tuesday, June 5, 2007


I am having some trouble defining what "Yankees baseball" is. It's been so inconsistent all year long that I just don't know anymore. Just when you think they've turned a corner, they take a step or two backwards. Last night was another one of those backwards steps.
Now don't get me wrong, on paper, that wasn't going to be an easy game to win. Jon Garland vs. Matt DeSalvo. Not exactly a matchup that's in the Yankees' favor. DeSalvo wasn't exactly sharp and you could tell that the Yankees brass had little faith in him. I agree with the decision to send him back to AAA. I thought Kei Igawa should have gotten the start, but what do i know?
It's extremely apparent that much of the Yankees success is going to hinder of Damon and Jeter's ability to set the table for the rest of the lineup. The 2 went a combined 1 for 10, with 1 of the hits being a questionable one, which came in the last inning. That's not going to help. Jeter has been horrible lately. Since May 26th, he's been held hitless in 5 of his last 9 games. That's not the Captain that we've come to know and love. Jeter is 6 for his last 40 (.150). Ugh. Damon has been no better. Over his last 10 games, he's 4 for 30 (.133). Those aren't numbers you want from your 1-2 guys in the lineup. We need them to hit and get on base, so guys like Posada, A-Rod, Matsui, and knock-on-wood, Bobby Abreu can knock them in. Is it me, or is someone always slumping?
Chris Britton looked pretty good. So but so did Matt DeSalvo at one point. If not for anything else, it's good to get some fresh arms out there in the bullpen.
Clippard goes tonight. I haven't soured on him as I have DeSalvo. I don't think either are "ready" for the bigs, but Clippard has better tools than DeSalvo and with all the injuries to the staff this year, there really isn't a better option.
I'm going to try and hit up the SWB Yankees vs. Buffalo Bisons game tonight, weather permitting. They're in town for a 4 game set and I want to check out the Baby Bombers and hopefully get Igawa's autograph before he gets called back to the big club. Chase Wright throws tonight. Should be fun.