Sunday, June 10, 2007

Single Digits

I've got to make this post a quickie. I've got some chicken heating up in the oven and the series finale of The Sopranos starts in 30.
The Yanks rolled today to their 6th straight win and picked up a game on the BoSox. T-Clip wasn't exactly on his game today. Thankfully, he didn't have to be. The Pirates didn't exactly make things hard for the boys today. Another game with 20 baserunners. If they can keep doing that, the wins are going to rack up and the Sox lead is going to go down faster than, you guessed it, faster than my cousin when she appeared in Nip/Tuck. For those keeping track, I think that's the 4th time I've used that reference. What can I say? I like going to the well.
The Yankees offense has been pretty impressive over the last 11 games. Everybody, except Cano, joined the hit party today. All I have to say is Blind Bobby ain't blind no mo. Abreu has been on a tear since he sat out a game in Toronto. Since June 1, Abreu has raised his average 44 percentage points, from .228 to .272. A-Rod seems to be back in the groove. 2 jacks and 5 RBI. Nice.
The Red Sox lost today! Nice way to end the weekend. The lead is now single digits. Here we come ladies and gentleman.
And there goes the beeper on the oven. Gotta run.
Peace, love and Pinstripes,