Friday, June 8, 2007

If You're Happy And You Know It Clap Your Hands

It's Friday. The sun is shining. The birds are singing. The Yankees have won 3 in a row. And best of all, Paris Hilton is back in jail. Man life is good. Life is sho' nuff good.
Three in a row! Wow how I've missed you. It feels good to win. No doubt about it. All I can say is it's about freakin' time. The hitting is more consistent. The pitching is more consistent. The winning is more consistent. It's definitely not to late to make a run. This team can still pull it off. Especially if they keep on with the keeping on.
I feel for Moose. I wasn't really sure why Torre pulled him when he did. I took that as a total lack of confidence from Torre on Moose's ability to get himself out of that inning. Personally, I think Moose should have been allowed to try and get out of it. He had been dealing all night and quite frankly, I'd rather see Moose on the hill than Scott Proctor, or any other reliever for that matter. Moose has aright to be ticked. I don't think Torre had a clue how Moose's removal would affect things. Moose is understandably ticked. 79 pitches is nothing. He should have been given the chance to get out of the inning.
I asked this yesterday, I'll ask it again. If you're sick of Farnsworth, raise your hands. Man that's a lot of hands. His inconsistency is remarkable. All he should do is rear back and throw some of that 100 MPH heat and don't get so cute with the slider. He again almost blew the game. It's sad that our 8th inning guy can only get 1 out. The last thing I wanted to see was Mo have to get 5 outs. The Yankees really need to find a reliable 8th inning guy. I really miss the days of Rivera setting up for Wetteland. If the Yanks took the lead into the 8th, game was over.
The offense is on a tear. The resurgence of Abreu, Cano, and Cabrera is definitely a sign that things have changed. Abreu has been on a tear since he sat in Toronto. Who knew all he needed was a day's rest? Melky's run is definitely a direct result of playing every day. With Giambi on the shelf, Melky's going to get time and that time is going to pay off. I'm still not entirely off the "trade Melky" bus. It's good to see he's increasing his value, but I really don't ever see him as anything more than a backup or a fill-in guy. I don't get the sense that the Yankees want to commit to him as a future everyday outfielder. I think he could be an integral piece of a trade puzzle. That 9th inning was fun to watch. I don't care what anybody says, A-Rod's HR was not another meaningless late game HR. the outcome of that game was in question. With one swing of the stick, the game was over. A-Rod has been money in the 9th inning all year. It's almost as if his success depends on Abreu's success in the 3-hole. Both had a terrible May. Both are off to great June's.
The Yankees rotation is now almost complete. We've got Wang, Pettitte, Mussina, and Clemens. All we need now is Hughes. Knock on wood that these guys stay healthy. No more spot starts from DeSalvo. No more 4 dingers in a row from Chase Wright. We've got quality from top to bottom. I'll even include Clippard in that mix in Hughes' absence.
The band is back together. The boys are back in town. Watch out league. We're coming.