Friday, June 15, 2007

Mets @ Astros, I Mean Mets @ Yankees

don't know what it is about Roger Clemens but the guy gets little to no love from his offense. It looked like Clemens was wearing Pinstripes, but maybe my eyes were deceiving me because he was plagued by the same problems that happened to him in Houston. In my estimation, Clemens looked a lot better tonight than he did against the Pirates. I don't think the problem is ever going to be Roger Clemens getting shelled. He needs run support fellas.
The Yankees had their opportunities tonight but there were a lot of blunders that cost them in the end. Matsui getting doubled off at second on Cairo's shot to the track. Hey Hideki, even if you go half way, you're scoring if that ball hits the ground. Cano and Cabrera constantly chasing bad pitches. This was a game the Yankees could have won. I have to give some credit to Oliver Perez. He's had their number in both outings. Personally, I don't think he's all that great. The Yankees have made a lot of mediocre pitchers (see Julian Tavarez) look like Cy Young winners. It's going to happen, but if you ask me, it's happened way too often.
This isn't any reason to get down after this loss. The pitching was there from start to finish. That's good. The offense wasn't there. That's bad. But we know what this offense is capable of and I think we've gotten to the point where if the Yankees give up less than 4 runs, 7 or 8 times out of 10, they're going to win the ball game.
The Sox beat up on the Giants and got the game we gained yesterday back. No need to fret. No need to worry.
The Yankees are still coming.