Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Daddy's Day

I have a little break in the actions, so here's a quickie. I had to attend a dual baby shower yesterday, for my wife ans sister. It was out of town and started at noon-thirty so I didn't get to catch any of the game yesterday. I caught a few innings on the radio, including the pressure filled 9th inning. It sounded like the offense was there and the pitching wasn't. Since Clippard was on the mound, I wasn't surprised. I'm glad the O bailed him out.
So T-Clip is on his way back to Scranton. It's the right move. He definitely could use a little more seasoning. I think he'll be a key component of the Yankees pitching staff in the future, but now just isn't his time. He served us well, but now that things are heating up, we need a little more consistency from our 5th starter. It looks like Kei Igawa will get another shot. I saw him pitch a few weeks ago and he looked a lot better in my estimation. He had good control and I don't think we're going to see the issues he had on his first go around resurface. It would be nice to get a guy that can we can call our 5th starter and the revolving door between Scranton and New York can finally close. A guy I worked with asked if the Yankees were going to get Mark Buehrle. He hadn't heard any rumors on that, it was just wild speculation on his part. I'm not sure I'd have a problem with that, but long term, I'm not sure how good a move that'd be. Just some food for thought.
Happy Dad's Day everybody.