Saturday, June 9, 2007

Yankees Win, Rocket Returns, And Farnsworth Still Blows

I wasn't overly impressed with The Rocket's first game back but it went as I expected. I was expecting to him to throw about 100 pitches and make it through 6. I didn't really think he was going to come in and put up zeroes either. Overall, I'm pleased with what I saw. If he can continuously throw 6 full innings and give up 3 runs or less, I think the odds are pretty good he'll be pretty successful this go around. I can't remember the exact stat I heard (and mentioned here) a month or so ago, but if I recall it correctly, Clemens has a career record of like 260-13 when he gets at least 4 runs of support. The Yankees offense, especially now that they look like they're clicking, should easily be able to give Roger the run support he didn't get in Houston. I'm pretty confident that whenever Clemens throws, odds are good the Yankees are going to win.
I was talking to my friend Don during the bottom half of the first inning. The Yankees had just plated their 3rd run and we both started wondering how Roger felt seeing the team he pitches for actually score early and often. It didn't happen a lot when he was with Houston. Clemens must have loved sitting in the dugout, looking up at the scoreboard and seeing 9 runs on the board. The Yankees offense had another impressive day at the plate. The offense has been pretty consistent since June 1st, well to be fair, May 31st. Going back to 5/31, the Yankees have won 5 straight, 8 of 10, and have outscored their opponents 66-46. If you ask me, 10 games is a pretty good sample size. I'd say they've turned the page. Abreu, Cano, Damon and Cabrera also have been pretty consistent over the 10 game span. It was good to see them run a lot today. 5 swipes. I like the aggressiveness.
And even though Farnsworth didn't give up any runs, I still think he blows. Is he capable of throwing a 1-2-3 inning? I have no confidence in the guy. It's amazing Torre is still committed to using him. Thankfully, the Yankees had a nice padded lead. Maybe he's better in non-pressure situations. Again, I wouldn't mind seeing him shipped off somewhere. But who'd take him.
5 in a row!! 2 games under .500. Is it me or is there that 1 team every year that starts out horrible and ends up finding themselves in the thick of a playoff race come late September. Take the 2006 Twins for example. On June 8th of last year, they were 26-33, 11.5 games behind the Detroit Tigers. Three and a half months later, the Twins win the AL Central with 96 wins. On June 8th of last year, the Marlins were 21-36, and they made it to .500 in September. In 2005, the Astros and A's come to mind. Both were about 13 games under .500 on June 8th of 2005. Both put together nice runs. Maybe this year, the 2007 Yankees will be that team.
Scratch that, there is no maybe. This year, the 2007 Yankees WILL be that team.