Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Late Games Plus Work Equals No Posts

Forgive me for not posting earlier about last night's loss to the Rockies. In all honesty, it was a pretty dull game. The Yankees offense was again shut down. This time by Josh Fogg, who I think beat the Red Sox in his last start. The Yanks had their opportunities but failed to get that timely hit. It'll happen. No worries.
Moose looked alright. I didn't think he pitched poorly. Not great, but good enough for the W. What's killing the Yanks right now are the stolen bases. If memory serves me correctly, 2 runs last night scored after a stolen base. We saw this in the Mets series also. The Yanks look like they know what's going down as they seem to get the pitchout at the right time. And is it me, or does it still seem like the Yankees are getting hosed on a lot of calls. I know they're close calls but it seems like non ever go the Yankees way. It looked like last night they had Taveras at second but the safe call was given and Willy T eventually scored. I'll give credit to the Rockies for getting the hits at the right time. That's what wins ballgames.
There was an interesting discussion today on the Baseball This Morning on XM. It was about the humidor and the effect it's had on the balls in Colorado. They listed the HR totals for the last 5 years and it's a drop from like 230 to 170, or something like that. I heard most of the convo but I missed a few kibbles and bits. It was interesting. Does anybody know if technically they are working outside of the rules by "doctoring" the balls? I wonder what would happen if a team protested their use? Things that make you go hmmm.
Pettitte tonight. He desperately deserves some run support. Let's give it to him guys!