Thursday, June 7, 2007

I Love Wang

I've used that title before, but what can I say I do love Wang. And again, for the pervs out there, get your minds out of the gutter would ya?
Last night was Wednesday night coed softball, so i didn't get to devote much attention to the Yankees game. We won 4-2, which is pretty low scoring for coed softball. I was Wangesque on the mound. Not really. I was having some control trouble due to the wind, but I settled down and got myself out of some jams by inducing the groundball. I throw a lot of junk on the mound. I've never seen so many people take pitches in slow pitch. I hit the corners a lot so I get a lot of called strikes where they don't swing. You're not there to walk, right? That drives me nuts when they don't swing at the close ones. I swing at the first pitch every time. If I think I can hit it, I'm swinging.
I got home for the top of the 7th of the Yanks game, though I did get to catch a few innings a t the bar and on the radio during the drive home. Wang looked like he was dealing. That's the Chien-Ming Wang we all know and love. It was nice to see him go the distance. He needs to teach the youngsters how to be more economical with their pitches. I thought for a second there he'd finish with under 100, but I'll take 104. Wang is without a doubt the ace of the staff, even if you include Clemens in the rotation. Wang has been the picture of consistency. The Yankees would be smart to lock him up long term.
Another game where the offense cranked out double-digit hits. The Yankees have been playing pretty consistently lately and we're starting to see things change and return to the form we thought it would be all year long. How great will it be, not would it be, when we pass Boston later this year. I don't know any Yankee fans that have abandoned hope on winning the division. The Sox have lost 4 in a row. So much for having those streak stoppers there in Boston. They've been playing out of their shoes and their now beginning their descent back to mediocrity. It's only a matter of time.
Things are starting to come together.